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Dalia Shamir

Handmade jewelry, what does it even mean anymore? How would you define handmade? And why should you buy handmade?

Funny how such a simple word can be interpreted so differently by different people . I have seen more than one definition to the term "handmade". The huge handmade market place – Etsy, has decided to change it's definition of handmade about 2 years ago (can you really do that? Change the definition of a word just because it doesn't fit your agenda  anymore? Why not use a different word? One that would fit better?). For Etsy, from then on, handmade can also be manufactured in a factory. Strange concept, isn't it? (however, I do still have a shop on that site too!).

For some jewelry designers, handmade jewelry means, buying parts of jewelry  (findings), and connect them. That's a legitimate way to do it, but in my case, handmade means actually handcrafted by me, with little to none outside help (sometimes I use castings made from my models).

I like to keep it this way. It may limit the amount of items I can create and sell, but I can stay in control over the quality and make sure everything  is done the way I want it, every little detail. Besides – I really like to work with my hands!

I use goldsmithing teqniques – I saw, solder, file, polish, make a mess!  and create something new and unique with 10 fingers.  I work with precious metals only – sterling silver and real gold.

Why should you buy handmade jewelry and not mass produced?

When you buy jewelry from an artisan, you will find something unique, that you never saw anywhere else, something none of your friends have.  you will buy a jewel that even if not one of a kind, it is still produced in a very small amount. Whether it's from me, or from another jeweler, you will buy from a real person, who takes pride in his or her work and will want you to be satisfied with your purchase. The personal touch is something you can see and feel in every item that comes out of my hands.

Thank you for visiting my shop! Dalia Shamir Jewelry

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  • Love the creativity and the positive energy of the jewelry. It’s easy to feel how much Dalia invests herself in each creation. Highly recommend :-)

    Celine Azria

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