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New Collection

Dalia Shamir

I am very happy to add my new collection to the shop. Seed pod earrings and necklaces in sterling silver and 14k gold.

How to clean silver jewelry?

Dalia Shamir

Silver is a wonderful metal for jewelry, it's beautiful, it's affordable and there is a huge variety of sterling silver jewelry out there. However, sooner or later, sterling silver will tarnish. And don't you hate it when that happens? Your once bright and beautiful jewelry changes colors and becomes yellowish or even black, and simply looks old and tired. I bet everyone has some tarnished silver jewelry laying around at home, and you just don't want to wear it anymore. You may not know it, but there is a very easy way to clean tarnished silver at home! All you...

Handmade Jewelry

Dalia Shamir

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Handmade jewelry, what does it even mean anymore? How would you define handmade? And why should you buy handmade? Funny how such a simple word can be interpreted so differently by different people . I have seen more than one definition to the term "handmade". The huge handmade market place – Etsy, has decided to change it's definition of handmade about 2 years ago (can you really do that? Change the definition of a word just because it doesn't fit your agenda  anymore? Why not use a different word? One that would fit better?). For Etsy, from then on, handmade...