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My name is Dalia, I am a jewelry designer and a  a goldsmith. I live and work in Tel Aviv, Israel.
I always loved designing and creating, working with my hands, making new things from scratch.

This shop is a one woman business, my studio is set in my apartment. I design and make all my jewelry from start to finish by myself. I put a lot of emphasis on the quality of my work and it is very important to me that my customers will be happy with what they bought.

I started making jewelry in 2000 after working as a graphic designer. Sitting in front of a computer all day long, made me miss working with my hands and experiencing different materials. Looking for a more fulfilling career choice, I started studying  goldsmithing. It felt right and I chose to delve into the world of jewelry.

I have an online shop since 2011, on Etsy, and now I finally decided to open my own shop, under my brand as well.

Selling online is a thrilling experience for me. I love sending my work to so many customers all over the world.

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