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Sterling Silver Hoop and Chain Earrings, Statement Earrings, Long Dangle Open Circle Earrings for Women


Very long, dangle circles earrings for women, handmade of sterling silver wires. Unique earrings with a sterling silver post.

These impressive circles earrings are long yet very lightweight. The earrings are handmade of 3 intertwined circles dangling from a small disc.
The circles have a hammered finish, to add texture, and to harden the wires.

You can buy the earrings as an identical pair, or as a mismatched set, pairing a three circles earring with the short, single circle earring or with the circle and dangling chains earring.

The singe circle earrings and the circle and chain earrings are also available to purchase as pairs!

These beautiful earrings are a great solution for women who want to wear large earrings without feeling the weight on their earlobes. They are very comfortable and light, you will hardly feel them.

Get these eye-catching earrings for a stylish, modern look!


Long sterling silver dangle earrings.

✦ Measurements:

Overall length: 9 cm/  3.5"
Circles diameter: 3.1 cm/ 1.2"


Click here for a pair of long, 3 circles earrings

Click here for a pair of short, single circle earrings

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